The competition is now closed

Statement from Darkside founder Robert Moon

When I first dreamt up this competition, I worried that it wouldn’t gain traction and that the fate of this fantastic concept was entirely out of my hands. However, on the eve of the competition closing and with an inbox overflowing with inspirational entries, I have to say that I’ve been simply overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of submissions we’ve received. It’s clear that the competition has attracted some spectacularly talented individuals from right around the world!

Next up is the all-important shortlisting process, during which we will work through the entries to identify the designs with the highest potential for progression. It’s important to me that each and every entry is given the attention it deserves, so please be prepared for this process to take several weeks. We’ve a lot of work ahead of us and I greatly appreciate your patience.


As soon as I can I’ll be reaching out to shortlisted candidates directly to notify them and set up interviews, before also announcing the shortlist on the Darkside Facebook page and website.

Additionally, in acknowledgement and appreciation of the fantastic response this competition has achieved, I’ll be showcasing a selection of the most distinctive and innovative designs on the Darkside social media channels in due course. Needless to say, all designers will be duly credited, and all entrants can expect an email from me in the coming weeks to clarify the outcome of their design.

Finally, and most importantly, it’s my distinct pleasure to say a heartfelt thankyou to every single entrant for the passion and commitment you’ve put into this competition. The future of the Darkside is very, very bright!

Robert Moon


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