How will the Darkside be made available?

All three Darkside derivatives will be available to purchase directly, and will be made available in either kit form or as a fully built vehicle, allowing you to select the specification that best suits your needs.

How close is the Darkside to production right now?

The concept demonstrator is currently undergoing development, with the first release targeted for Summer 2021.

Why a reverse trike configuration?

Because it's bold. Because it's engaging. Because it's fundamentally disruptive.

Why only one seat?

To align with the spirit of the product: an engagement-centric design which carries no compromises.

Is the Darkside road legal?

Yes - the Darkside will be homologated for use on UK roads.

Can I get the Darkside in my country?

Yes, although the legalities of usage and import are required to be addresses on a case-by-case basis.

Why no bodywork?

From day one the focus has been on creating a product which is unparalleled in it's engagement and unconstrained from the burden of aesthetic design. Now that the fundamental architecture is sufficiently mature, we are actively seeking a body design which reflects our unique vision. See our Competition page for further details.

Who's behind the Darkside?

The concept was created by award-winning engineer Robert Moon, from Coventry, UK. You can connect with Robert via his LinkedIn profile.

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